Study with us at Design Centre Enmore to become a 3D/VFX Artist or Animator

Both the 3D Art and Animation, and the Concept Art courses at Design Centre Enmore (DCE) are for people who want to work in the digital media entertainment industry such as feature filmmaking, digital games, television, online content development, advertising and digital visualisation. Our courses will prepare you to become a concept artist, 3D pre-visualisation artist, modeller, animator, character rigger, texture artist, CG lighter, compositor or visual effects artist.

We have two full-time courses:

Dancing 3D elves The Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation (course #20520) is a 3 year professional degree that will prepare you for a career as an artist or animator in a range of visual media fields such as feature filmmaking, game artistry, television, online content development and advertising. You will develop skills to enable you to work across the production pipeline and to meet international standards in the creation of entertainment products and communications media.

contentimage_warrickwong-steampunkThe Concept Art course (Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development: course CUV60311) is for people interested in developing their knowledge, artistic and digital skills in the area of concept and production art for the digital media entertainment industry. It includes both traditional and digital drawing and painting for concept art, storyboarding, character and environment design as well as matte painting ZBrush digital character sculpting and motion graphics.

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